Strand KK, a member club of the Norwegian Canoe Association, was founded 28 February 1936 and celebrated in 2011 its 75 year anniversary.

We welcome you to our website and perhaps also as a new member to our club. We are located in “Holtekilen” where we have excellent training conditions well protected against winds and heavy boat traffic. Strand KK has in excess of 500 members and is one of the most active clubs within flat water kayaking in the country. 

We work to establish a good sports environment for top-level athletes as well as those who wish to participate in touring events or just enjoy kayaking because it’s good exercise. 

We welcome you to visit us in Sarbuvollveien 25 at Høvik outside Oslo. We have someone mobilized at the club’s facility to respond to questions, for example about membership, and how to get started if you are new to the sport and wish to join and participate in one of our courses. 

We have planned a series of introduction courses that you can read more about elsewhere on our web-site or if you have any questions please feel free to contact us on email 

Jan 30, 2015